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Welcome to ScheduleBliss! Use our Quickstart Guide to get your business up and running with ScheduleBliss in no time. Then explore the rest of ScheduleBliss Docs to learn more about how to accomplish common day-to-day tasks and to take a deep dive into every feature of the ScheduleBliss ecosystem. To visit the ScheduleBliss Home Page, please visit

Quickstart Guide

  • Staff - Create accounts for the teachers on your schedule, workshop and event hosts, bodyworkers, therapists and consultants, front desk staff and managers.
  • Passes - Set the pricing options for the all the services that your business offers, such as yoga, pilates, fitness and meditation classes, workshops and events and appointments for private classes, bodywork, massage, spa treatments and other consultations.
  • Session Types - Define the types of services your business offers that will be included on your schedule.
  • Schedule - Setup your schedule to include recurring sessions, classes, events and appointments.
  • Sales - Making your first sale using the ScheduleBliss Point of Sale.
  • Using Autopay