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Checking clients in for sessions is a core business function. Checking clients in for services is important because it keeps track of their service and pass usage. It also helps a business track attendance, capacity, pay roll for staff who deliver the services and more.

Checking clients into a session

To check clients in to a session:

  1. Navigate to the Check-In page from the ScheduleBliss Admin Menu.
  2. Select the appropriate Program from the drop down menu.
  3. Enter the Visit Date of the session you wish to check-in.
  4. Select the appropriate Time Slot from the drop down menu.
  5. Enter the client's name in the Client Field.
  6. Select Check-In Options

Check-in options

You will have different options available when adding a client to the roster depending on the valid passes available in the client's account. If a client has a valid pass for the session available, it will show up as the first check-in option. Select that pass to use it to check the client in for the session.

If the client does not have a valid pass in their account you have additional check in options.

Setting Description
Check In Without a Pass Purchase This will add the client to the roster as an Unassigned Visit. The client will be counted in attendance but will have no pass connected to the visit until one is assigned.
Go to Sales Select this if you would like to make an immediate sale of a valid pass to check the client in for the session. Once the transaction has been finalized, reenter the client's name, select check-in options and select the valid pass.
Go to Profile Select this if you would like to open the client's profile to look up any information in their account.