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Scheduling appointments

Appointments such as private yoga and pilates classes, massages and bodywork, spa treatments and reiki and other consultations are scheduled using the the Appointments Program. Appointments should be scheduled per specific time slot and will be located under a separate tab from your main Class Schedule in the client site and app.

Steps to set up an appointment

  1. Open the Schedule then press the + Click to Schedule drop-down and select the Appointments choice.
  2. Create a new appointment type or choose an existing Appointment Type from the Appointments Manager
  3. Press the Schedule button next to the Appointment Type that you would like to add to the schedule.
  4. Use the table below to choose the appropriate settings for your appointment and then press the Schedule Now button to add the appointment to the Schedule.
Location Choose the location the appointment will take place if applicable.
Room Choose the room the appointment will take place if applicable.
Staff member Choose the staff member who will conduct the appointment.
Client Enter the client's name to create a specific appointment or leave blank to create an open appointment. Open appointments can be booked onsite for customers by staf and customers can also book online by themselves.
Start date Enter the Start date of the appointment.
End date Enter the End date of the appointment. If the appointment is a one-off session then the End date should be the same as the Start date. Otherwise, the appointment will be scheduled each week on the selected Day at the selected Start time.
Date & time(s) Select the Day of the week, Start time and End time of the appointment.
Pay Scale Select the pay scale you would like to apply to the session.
Staff member check in access Set to yes to allow the staff member check-in access, otherwise set to no.


Pay scales can be applied either at the staff level or the session level. If a staff member has a pay scale applied to them and the session has a pay scale applied to it also, then the pay scale on the session will be applied to the staff member and not their default pay scale.


Appointments can be set up in advance for a specific customer entered in the Client field or can be left open for any customer to book. Please use these links to learn more about setting up each type:

Video tutorials

Next steps

➡️ Enable / disable online bookings

➡️ Set capacity for semi-private and small group appointments