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Not Receiving Notification Emails Sent from ScheduleBliss

ScheduleBliss notification are sent from the email address. In the event that you are not receiving email notifications from ScheduleBliss, please follow the following checklist.

  1. Make sure your email address is spelled correctly.
  2. Check your Spam, Junk or Bulk folders. If you find the email there, mark it as “not spam” and follow the instructions below to whitelist email from ScheduleBliss and add it to your list of allowed senders.
  3. Check your mail filters. Most email services provide filtering options to help you sort and manage your inbox. Check to see if a filter might have redirected the email elsewhere in your inbox.
  4. Check for third party filtering. If you use a company, corporate, or business email address, there may be other services in use that are blocking the message. Your organizations’s IT department or mail provider can confirm this and might need to whitelist email from ScheduleBliss.

Whitelisting email from ScheduleBliss

To whitelist email from ScheduleBliss, add to your email application's address book, contact list or safe list. Please use the links below to learn how to do so for some of the most common email services:


Please keep in mind that there is no standard method for whitelisting email from senders and the steps might differ for each application / service. If you are unable to find a method to whitelist emails for your particular email service, please contact your email service customer support.

Additional information

If you are still not receiving messages after troubleshooting using the steps above, contact ScheduleBliss Support.