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Receiving Payment Owed for Purchases Made on Account

When a client makes an online purchase using the Pay on Arrival option, the transaction will appear as payment method On Account. Additionally, you can make admin sales using the on account option to collect payment at a later time. Once you are ready to collect payments made on account, you will do so by running an additional transaction in sales.

To collect payment for on account transactions:

  1. Click on Sales in the menu to open a new transaction.
  2. Enter the client's name in the search field.
  3. Select Receive Payment on Account.
  4. The amount the client owes on account will pop up, select Receive then Done.
  5. Select Add Payment Method in the point of sale.
  6. Select Add next to the payment method of your choice then select Apply in the pop up box.
  7. Select Email Receipt or Print Receipt if you would like to send a receipt, then select Finalize Transaction.