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Pre-Recorded & On-Demand Content

You can easily schedule on demand sessions with ScheduleBliss, all that is needed is a URL link to your prerecorded session in Zoom / YouTube / Vimeo or other streaming platforms of your choice!

Customers can sign up for on demand sessions on their own time through the ScheduleBliss app or Customer Website by clicking on the On Demand tab. After signing up for an on demand session, clients can access the link through the Your Account section of the ScheduleBliss App or the ScheduleBliss Client Web through the end date you have set for the session.

Setting up on demand sessions

The On Demand Program is best used for prerecorded videos that you would like customers to be able to access on their own time rather than at a specific day of the week and time frame.

To set up an on demand session

  1. Open the Schedule then select + Click to Schedule >> On Demand.
  2. Create a new on demand type or locate an existing one from the On Demand Manager
  3. Select Schedule to add the event of your choosing to the schedule.
  4. Enter the settings of your choosing then select Schedule Now
Location Choose the location if applicable.
Room Choose the room if applicable.
Staff member Choose the staff member for the session.
Start date Enter the first day you would like the session to be available for purchase in your on demand page
End date Enter the last day you would like the session to be available for purchase in your on demand page.
Date & time(s) Select all days and enter the time as 12:00 AM - 11:59 PM.
Pay Scale Select the pay scale you would like to apply to the session.
Staff member check in access Set to yes to allow the staff member check-in access, otherwise set to no.

Online settings

Once you have added session to the schedule, navigate to Schedule >> Edit next to the session to bring up additional settings to make the session available for online signup and streaming:

Allow Online Check-In Set to Yes.
Online Streaming Link URL Enter the URL link to your on demand video.
Only offered online Set to Yes.

Adding valid passes to an on demand session

Unlike classes that have all program passes valid by default, on demand sessions require that you add the passes of your choosing that you would like to be valid for sign up. This gives you greater flexibility to create and apply unique passes for individual on demand sessions or to assign any pass from any program. Once you have added your on demand session to the schedule, you can then add the pass or passes you would like as valid.

To add valid passes

  1. Locate the event you added in the Schedule

  2. Select Edit next to the session.

  3. Select Valid Passes

  4. Select Enable Pass for the Pass or Passes of your choosing.

  5. Close the Valid Passes window and select Update.