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Autopay will renew starting a month from the Purchase date and will run each month on the Billing Day in the Autopay table. When you sell an Autopay Pass, the membership is automatically entered into the Autopay Table. In the event that you refund an initial Autopay Purchase please be sure to delete the Autopay entry as well via: Clients -> Autopay

How to set up an Autopay Pass

Autopay Passes should be set up to be Valid from the date of Purchase to the day before the next billing cycle and should be set as Valid for one month.

Placing Autopay On Hold

To put a client's Autopay on hold please go to: Clients -> Autopay -> Edit -> On Hold -> Yes This will place the Autopay On Hold for as long as you want then simply change it back to: On Hold -> No When you want the Autopay to resume.

When you take an Autopay Off Hold, the next charge and Pass issued will always be on the upcoming Billing Day in the client's Autopay Table. If you would like a client to be able to resume classes before that day please change the billing day and remove the hold the day before. Autopay renews shortly after midnight so remove the hold before then.

How to Check on an Autopay Status

The way to check on a client's Autopay status is to go to: Clients -> Autopay Then scroll down to find their name. You will see the client's name, their Billing Day, the type of Pass, the Amount they are set to be charged, the location, the End Date of Autopay renewal, the date of the previous Autopay charge, and whether the Account is On Hold or not. You can adjust these settings at any time by going to: Clients -> Autopay And selecting Edit on the right side of the Autopay Table next to any entry.You can amend the information entered in Autopay by selecting Edit on the right side of the table.

How to Delete an Autopay Membership

To remove a client from Autopay go to: Clients -> Autopay And select the red X to the left of the Client's name. Once they are no longer in Autopay they will not be charged again automatically.