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Manually Running Autopay

There may be times you need to run a manual transaction for an autopay pass via Sales. This might occur for example when removing an autopay hold before the client's next billing day or to make up for a missed autopay payment in the case of a declined credit card. You can check on the status and view the specifics of a client's autopay membership at any time by clicking on Clients -> Autopay.

How to make a manual Autopay transaction

  1. Click on Sales in the menu.
  2. Enter the client's name and select Add Service.
  3. Locate the identical Pass that is in the client's autopay table entry then select Add.
  4. Set Autopay to One-Time Charge in the pop up box. This will ensure that a duplicate autopay entry will not be created.
  5. Add Payment Method of your choice then Finalize Transaction.


In the case of removing an autopay hold prior to the client's billing day, please adjust the client's autopay billing day to correspond to the new purchase and pass. This will ensure a seamless transition to their new autopay cycle. To do this select Clients -> Autopay then Edit next to the client's autopay table entry.

In the case of a missed autopayment due to a declined card, please adjust the pass to be Valid From the missed billing day that month and Valid Until the day before the next month's billing day. You do not need to adjust anything in the client's autopay table. The manual sale will make up for the missed payment and pass and autopay will run as scheduled on the next billing day as long as the credit card on file is valid.