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Setting up events

Special events, short term series and workshops should be added to the schedule under the Events Program. Unlike class-type programs that have all passes in the program valid for all classes by default, events allow and in fact require that you select the passes that will be valid for signing up for the event.


Passes from any program can be marked as valid for an event. Therefore you could create a new pass especially for this event and set it as valid for the event. But you could also allow your monthly members to attend the event using their monthly membership pass. For multi-day events, passes can be valid for all days or only a certain numbers of days. You can use these and other powerful options when setting up which passes are valid for an event.

Steps to set up an event

  1. Open the Schedule then press the + Click to Schedule drop-down and select Events from the list.
  2. Create a new event type or select an existing event type from the Events Manager
  3. Press the Schedule button next to the event type that you would like to add to the schedule.
  4. Use the table below to setup the event the way you want it and then press the Schedule Now button to add the event to the schedule.
Location Choose the location at which the event will take place if applicable.
Room Choose the room the event will take place if applicable.
Staff member Choose the staff member who will be hosting the event.
Start date Enter the Start date of the event.
End date Enter the End date of the event.
Date & time(s) Select the Day(s) of the week, Start timeand End time of your event.
Pay Scale The pay scale determines how much the staff member or guest host of this event will be paid.
Staff member check in access By default all staff members can check customers into all sessions. If you would like to configure stricter access, then you can specifically allow check-in privileges to the scheduled staff member for this event.

Setting the valid passes for an event

Once you have added your event to the schedule, the next step is to add the pass or passes you would like to be valid for the event.

Steps to set the valid passes for an event

  1. Locate the event you added in the Schedule
  2. Press the Edit button next to the event on the Schedule.
  3. On the popup window, press the Valid Passes button.
  4. Press the Enable Pass for the Pass or Passes of your choosing.
  5. Close the Valid Passes window and press the Update button.


Pay scales can be applied either at the staff level or the session level. If a staff member has a pay scale applied to them and the session has a pay scale applied to it also, then the pay scale on the session will be applied to the staff member and not their default pay scale.

Next steps

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