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Setting capacity

Capacity is set by default to allow for unlimited registrations but can be changed at any time to the number of your choosing. In addition to total capacity for a session, you also have the option to set the number of allowed online registrations as well as the number you would like permitted to waitlist.


This setting will appear after you have added the session to the schedule. Please be sure to add the session to the schedule first then select Edit next to the session for access.

ScheduleBliss Docs Setting Capacity

To set online check-in allowance and capacity

  1. Open the Schedule and locate the session.
  2. Select Edit next to the session.
  3. Set the Total Capacity, Allowed Online Reservations and Allowed to Waitlist settings of your choosing.
  4. Select Update.
Total capacity Choose the the total amount of customers permitted, keep at 0 for unlimited.
Allowed online reservations If you have set a number for total capacity, enter the number of allowed online reservations. If you have not set a number for total capacity and would like unlimited online reservations keep at 0.
Allowed to waitlist If you have set a number for total capacity, enter the number of customers you would like to be allowed to waitlist. If you do not wish to have a waitlist keep at 0.